Cara Dillon chooses her top five favourite tracks.

Cara Dillon’s new album, A Thousand Hearts, is available exclusively to Society of Sound members in 24-bit studio quality.

Band member and partner Sam Lakeman told us “To me there is no comparison, the Hi-Res masters were given far more room to breath, have much greater detail and the dynamic is far greater.”

We asked Cara to choose five of her favourite tracks. An impossible task we know, but here they are,

Kate Bush, “Sunset”

It’s no secret that I’m the biggest Kate Bush fan and this is one of my current favourites…it’s just sublime, a sonic Monet

Avicii, “Hey Brother”

I’ve just had Dan Tyminski (who sings this) joining me on a few shows here in the UK and Ireland and my band and I have become addicted to this track.

Find out more about the high-res version of A Thousand Hearts.

Joni Mitchell, “Blue”

Not much I can say about this track…it’s just incredible and gets more powerful every single time I hear it.

Paul Brady, “Mary And The Soldier”

Paul’s versions of traditional songs have become classics that haven’t been bettered and aren’t likely to be any time soon.

Jackie Wilson, “(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher”

One of the best feel good tracks of all time. A true masterclass in singing and songwriting and performance.

Find out more about the studio-quality version of A Thousand Hearts.

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