Brownswood Recordings top 10 bass artists

Our award-winning and iconic PV1 subwoofer has been updated and significantly enhanced as the PV1D. To celebrate we’ve asked a number of artists and labels for their top 10 bass tracks. Alex Stevenson from the legendary Gilles Peterson’s label, Brownswood Recordings starts us off.

1. B. Bravo

Cited by Dam-Funk as one of the driving forces of the West Coast Modern Funk Movement, B. Bravo comes heavy on the synth licks, low end bump and late night house party vibes. His EPs on Cali bass outlet Frite Nite and the UK’s own Earnest Endeavours have earned him a fierce reputation for thickset funkadelic productions.

Check: ‘Computa Love’, ‘Obsession’ (with Salva), ‘Kiss ‘n’ Tell’ (feat. Zackey Force Funk), ‘Substance’ (feat. Lady Alma)

2. Ifan Dafydd

Gifted Welsh producer who amassed more than his fair share of props (and flak), buzz and online hype for a two-track bootleg 12″ in August 2011, that drew heavily from Amy Winehouse and Usher respectively and respectfully. His first original productions ‘Treehouse’ and ‘To Me’ are bold and bright compositions, richly textured and blessed with delightfully intricate and sensitively pitch-shifted vocal dubs and underpinned by weighty sub low frequencies. Definitely one to watch in 2012.

Check: ‘No Good’, Emili Sande – ‘Daddy’ (Ifan Dafydd Remix), ‘Treehouse’, Gang Colours – ‘Fancy Restaurant’ (Ifan Dafydd Remix)

3. Mark Pritchard

A legendary figure within UK sound system culture. Mr Pritchard has twenty years of production innovation under his belt under a multitude of monikers (just check his Wikipedia entry) and his sub low experiments are still the toast of the electronic world. Truly a don.

Check: Africa Hi-Tech – ‘Light The Way’, Mark Pritchard – ‘Elephant Dub’, Mark Pritchard & Om’Mas Keith – ‘Wind It Up’, Africa Hi-Tech – ‘Too Late’

Krampfhaft4. Krampfhaft

Criminally slept-on Dutch bass technician. His ‘Makin Magic EP’ on Rwina was hands down the greatest DJ tool of 2011 – four slabs of impeccably crafted electro-funk effortless surfing tempos and genres. Imagine Eprom, Machinedrum and Hudson Mohawke in a WWE cagefight and you’ll be halfway to how freakin’ great this dude is.

Check: ‘Carl Sagan The Man’, ‘Hyperdreaming’, ‘Makin Magic’, ‘Spit Thunder’

5. Mosca

Young and extremely talented producer working the angles in the bass continuum. There’s no finer example of why the world looks to London for new electronic music – Mosca encapsulates everything great about the capital’s sound system heritage from reggae via jungle, UKG, grime and dubstep.

Check: ‘Nike’, ‘Tilt Shift’, ‘Square One’, ‘Bax’

Brownswood electr*c6. Brownswood electr*c

Something of a gratuitous plug, but ‘Brownswood electr*c’ is a compilation series created with the sole objective of highlighting the mind-blowing breadth and depth of bass music bubbling below the surface in the worldwide underground. From the cosmic hip-hop beats of Estonia’s Kienra to the airy, widescreen technicolour D&B of German prodigy Frederic Robinson.


7. Untold

Co-founder of Hemlock Recordings – the pioneering bass music imprint that first released music by James Blake – and a man with an expansive appetite to create wonderfully sparse, freakily funky riddim trax that always come loaded with grin-inducing bass weight.

Certified classics: ‘Anaconda’, ‘Gonna Work Out Fine’, ‘Rekohu Sunrise’ (with Rockwell), ‘Flexible’

8. Shackleton

A master of shadowy, twisted tribal grooves. His now defunct Skull Disco imprint (co-run with Appleblim) only released 10 records between 2005 and 2008, but they were all killer. Dark ‘n’ moody with monstrous subs and plenty of movement in the top end.

Check: everything on Skull Disco!

9. Bangladesh

There’s nothing more satisfying than the propulsive BOOM of an 808 kick drum from a club sound system. Cult hip-hop producer Bangladesh knows this and it forms the focal point of his speaker-busting productions. It’s also the reason why all the major players knock on his door to request his golden touch.

Check: Lil Wayne’s ‘A Milli’, Nicki Minaj’s ‘Did It On ‘Em’, Busta Rhymes’ ‘I Got Bass’, Gucci Mane’s ‘Lemonade’, Beyonce’s ‘Diva’… all roof-raising Bangladesh productions.

Machinedrum10. Machinedrum

Jack of all trades… and master of them all too! This man is a rarity as he seems to be able to turn his hand to anything and come up with the goods. He started out making IDM and so-called glitch-hop (better than it the term suggests) and has produced hip-hop bangers for the likes of Theophilus London and Melo-x, soulful bumps for Jesse Boykins III and he’s finally started to receive richly deserved props with recent four-to-the-floor outings on LuckyMe and rampant jungle/footwork on Planet Mu.

Check: ‘Alaaarma’ on LuckyMe and ‘Room(S)’ on Planet Mu.


  • vils says:

    So happy to see Shackleton make it to your list! His work on Skull Disco was excellent, but his more recent productions are even more thrilling. Check out his collaboration with Pinch called “Pinch and Shackleton”, as well as his more recent EPs, “Fireworks” and “Deadman”.

    An excellent starting place for newcomers to his sound is the mix he did for Fabric (#55).


  • jaye NZ says:

    i would put Armin Van Buuren – Mirage on that list, as the whole alum is just such an episodic nature to,with some killer base that isn’t overkill. Trance at its best!

  • Adam says:

    Agree with most of the selections here, nice one Stuart!

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