Bowers & Wilkins meets the Heavenly Social

Partnership announcement

We are very proud to announce the introduction of Proper Sound – a partnership with Bowers & Wilkins and much loved London venue The Social.

Proper Sound will be introduced throughout the bar’s iconic Upstairs Bar (in the form of six AM-1 speakers) and will provide crystal clear playback for the Heavenly Jukebox, the occasional DJ and for record playbacks and private events. It promises to hugely enhance the space and provide the kind of listening experience that the people behind the Social have always craved – glorious audio with a load of wallop and a well stocked bar.

Over the coming months, The Social and Bowers & Wilkins will unveil a series of events that will aim to put the Proper Sound system through its paces. Check back here for further information.

Discover the 10 tracks that sum up the spirit of the Social.

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