Bowers & Wilkins is supporting F1’s next big thing: Callum Ilott

Callum Ilott

Bowers & Wilkins has partnered with Callum Ilott, the up-and-coming British racer embarking on a passion-driven journey to Formula One™ success.

Described as ‘big talent’ by ex-F1 driver Jos Verstappen, 2017 saw Callum Ilott finish fourth in the F3 European Championship, a competition that allows hot-blooded drivers like himself gain experience for competing on the world stage.

It’s this dedication on the circuit that will ensure Callum’s dream of reaching the Formula One championship happens sooner rather than later.

GP3: new challenges

Calum Ilott

For Callum, 2018 marks another step up. He’s making his debut in GP3, a racing series that acts as a support category to F1. This provides him with valuable experience and time to perfect his knowledge and racecraft, for he must showcase his skills both in speed, use of DRS (drag reduction system) and tyre management.

So far, the seven-year-old series has produced four F1 drivers, and Callum hopes he can add his name to the list. Last weekend marked the first challenge of the race calendar at Circuit de Catalunya in Spain. We caught up with Callum, who secured an impressive 3rd place podium finish – something that he described as a “good feeling”.


Callum Ilott

The series sees Ilott race across Europe and in Asia – places not even the most well-versed travellers can say they’ve been. And while Callum has been racing, he’s picked some tracks – old and new – that have stayed with him on his travels.

We’ve also thrown in some of our favourite tracks that bring out the Formula One driver in us too.

1. Petit Biscuit – Sunset Lover

“Relaxing tune from French DJ released in 2015. It’s a song that reminds me of my first year in European F3 and I was travelling from track to track in France, Italy, Belgium and Germany.”

2. Fleetwood Mac – The Chain

A song synonymous with Formula 1 in the 1970s and 80s – and arguably still today. It’s driving beat, epic harmonies and feisty guitar work are perfect for the road, and it also sounds great on your hi-fi or headphones.

3. Dennis Lloyd – Nevermind

“I just enjoy this version of the song, which mixed and released by the Israeli artist in 2017. It gives me an easy listening fix and has been really popular in Italy where I’m spending a lot of my time right now.”

4. Jon Hopkins – Emerald Rush

This track by Jon Hopkins is a progressive electronic powerhouse. After a slow build, the soft synth lines quickly become engulfed by glitchy techno beats for an intensely epic listen.

5. Arizona – Oceans Away (Sam Feldt remix)

“I was only just listening to this on the flight back from my first GP3 race weekend in Barcelona last week. Another chilled one on my playlist.”

6. The Cure – The Walk

This energetic track is a Cure classic. Their use of synthesiser sounds is to be admired in this – there’s a palpable sense of movement that’s great for those road trips.

7. Kygo (feat. Parson James) – Stole the Show

“I’ll admit that I haven’t listened to this for a while. It used to be one of my favourites back when it was released in 2015 when I had just started racing cars.”

8. The Breeders – Cannonball

Alt-rock outfit The Breeders know how to craft a chorus or two. And in this song they release all of their pent up energy just like the title says on the tin.

9. Aviici – Without You

“This is one of my favourites from Avicii. It’s an emotional and energetic song and was back in the charts recently after he passed away.”

10. Coldplay – Speed of Sound

Sometimes you forget the amount of hits Coldplay have. From 2005, this track has it all: mellow, catchy and perfect for those drives with nothing but endless roads in front of you.

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