Bowers & Wilkins speakers feature in restored cinema in new season of Grand Designs

Bowers & Wilkins CM Series, Grand Designs

We are very proud to see our CM series speakers featured in this stunning 1920s cinema conversion on the new series of Grand Designs.

The owners have taken a derelict cinema in Doncaster and converted it into a beautiful family home including turning the original projector room into a home cinema. You can see the full episode tonight on Channel 4 at 9.00 pm.



  • Simon Long says:

    Not sure the floor is the best place to mount a centre channel speaker! They haven’t even angled it – firing straight at their feet…

  • Richard Meadmore says:

    The Project was rather rushed at the end and at the time of the filming (2 weeks ago) the joiner had not completed a small table to run under the screen.

    Hopefully this will be in situ shortly.

    Sevenoaks Sound & Vision (Leeds)

  • says:

    It was a pleasure to install these speakers hopefully the joiner will be done soon to get centre speaker off the floor

  • Professional AV Installer says:

    This is a ‘cinema’ within an ‘old cinema’ it could have been amazing, but….White room for a projector.. wrong! Screen is way way to high, (just needed correct screen specified with an extended header) speakers are way to low (for current screen height), center speakers looks about 2.5m from center of screen, will produce a terrible sound stage for a film. Doesn’t feel like anyone involved in this has been on a CEDIA, THX, ISF or HAA course? I’m gobsmacked B&W are putting there name to this!

  • Sal says:

    Hope that someday I will have them as well.
    It looks stunning.

  • Proffecional AV installer says:

    B&W edit their blog if they don’t like what you write, I commented on this install pointing out how badly placed the speakers were and that the installer hasn’t followed CEDIA, HAA, THX guidelines in placement of speakers or the screen. Constructive criticism is obviously not welcomed?

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    Comments are held for moderation and your original comment went into the spam filter. We always welcome constructive criticism.

  • napoleon israel says:

    Good day…To all the wonderful people of Bowers & Wilkins…I would like to salute and express my desire to say thank you so very much for having engineered such a nice, wonderful and fantastic loudspeaker. I am a proud owner of B&W 685,686, &DM602 S2….and I am very pleased, very happy that I owned these loudspeakers. If Mr. Bowers & Wilkins, would have been alive today, I will tell them both thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for making speaker like B&W…Napoleon Israel, Philippines

  • napoleon israel says:

    I recently purchased a B&W HTM61 and I am glad to have it…,All I can say is WOW…Fantastic….indeed…Thank You John Bowers….I Love You Man….

  • Donato says:

    Hello fellow B&W engineers and friends. I recently purchased a set of 683, DS3B and HTM1. I feel that maybe I don’t have enough power running the speakers. I’m currently running a Denon e300(5.1 surround). Could you recommend any receivers or external amps to help drive this setup?

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