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Apparatjik offer exclusive 24-bit studio quality version of their album


“the recording of the new apparatjik album started in norway in a big wooden hall surrounded by snow and quite possibly bears.”

Apparatjik are making a stunning 24-bit studio-quality version of their new album, Round Peg In A Square Hole, available to fans via their Facebook page in conjunction with Society of Sound.

Here the band discuss the recording:

Apparatjik in studiounlike our first album this one was conceived over a period of time and included recording sessions in london, miami and copenhagen.

recording spaces have been everything from big studio rooms to hotel rooms with a laptop.

when working with apparatjik we all take off our band member or record producer hats. we then put on hoodies and left are the 4 of us singing, playing, making things and dancing (to keep warm as we mostly record in cold weather). we have a dogmatic approach to the process where we don’t allow any one apparatjik to stop anyone else’s idea with negativity or lack of enthusiasm. this way we also try to leave the fear hat (commonly used for human endeavours) by the door and all ideas can have a chance of conclusion. in apparatjik world this means the results will also be shared with the fans in one way or another as we tend to not sit on things for long as sofas, beaches or big grass fields are generally more comfortable for sitting.

Apparatjikon this album we decided to take it all a step further and give away stems for all songs on the album and let fans, other artists and friends alike collaborate and add to what we had done and submit back to us. we had done this before as part of a visual arts project at the neue national gallerie in berlin. a curated new draft of the album has been released every week since 11-11-11 and on the 21st of February a final version of the album will be released. a running commentary of everything submitted is available online and will be used for a sonic project we’re calling ‘everybody is a bar’.

(if you wish to take part in this collaborative project you can download audio stems from here. )

we go to quite an extent to make our music sound the way we want it to and it’s great to be able to offer a 24 bit version of the first draft of the album through society of sound. this exclusive release ‘square peg in a round hole – draft 7′ is mastered at abbey road studios by geoff pesche straight from our studio masters so what we listened to in studio is what you will hear.



  • valerie says:

    great 2 c mags working on a new project.i hpe its a great success.its great 2 c the aha boys singing away by themselves.keep up the gud work.:+)

  • Tomasz Kirmuc says:

    Just downloaded Apparatjik album. I wonder if they know the term “loundness war”? No point of making 24-bit album when everything is so compressed. Dynamic Range Meter value: only 8. Everything squeezed to 0dB. Shame.

  • Reto says:

    From all Society of Sound albums, this is the only one I really don’t like at all. Musically it is rather boring, the vocals are mediocre and the mix is a “good” example for how it should not be done. As Thomasz says: typical “loundness war”-album. But I must admit that I never liked Aha aniway… so no surprise.

    I nevertheless will renew my membership again before it expires, because SOS braught me several positive surprises and I really like most of the music I got from SOS so far.

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