Adrift – making cosmic music


Adrift is an engaging marriage of art and science that takes place online, in exhibitions, in the space around the Earth and in this evocative video.

The merging of art and science never fails to produce interesting insights into the world around us. Using this philosophy, Adrift throws extraordinary light upon the 27,000 individual pieces of debris currently being tracked as they orbit above us in space. They are a telling aftermath of one of the many space exploration missions since the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite, in 1957.  


Among the three pillars of the Adrift project is a new sonic installation created by BAFTA-winning composer and sound artist, Nick Ryan. Nick has built a giant mechanical ‘cylindrical phonograph’ called Machine 9, which uses live data to transform the movement of pieces of space debris into sound, in real time.

Working with Nick we produced a short documentary video about Machine 9, which provides an insight into the making of the project. It was rewarding to support such a musically creative project, and to further bring to life a considerable feat of audio engineering.

The sound produced is amplified through Rotel electronics and Bowers & Wilkins CM10 loudspeakers – providing listeners with a detailed representation of the cosmic music being made live in front of them, orchestrated by the debris itself.

If you want to experience Adrift and Machine 9 in the flesh, the next performance is at the Port Eliot Festival
in St Germans, Cornwall July 27th to 30th.

You can discover more about Adrift here.
You can read more about the CM10s here.

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