Mr Hare’s five tracks (at this moment in time)

Choosing five favourite tracks is always challenging for a genuine fan of music. There is just too much great music, too many choices to be made, and a top five… Read more


Sidestepper – Richard Blair

In 1993 Richard Blair was invited to Colombia to work with Toto La Momposina. He’d previously worked on Toto’s La Candela Viva album during his time as an engineer at… Read more


Inspiring passion and performance with C5 Series 2

      Tanya Camilleri is group exercise and creative manager of Reebok Sports Club in London’s Canary Wharf. For her, music is not just a training aid, but a… Read more


Endurance training with C5 Series 2

  Will Kemp-Longhurst is fitnessmanager of Reebok Sports Club in London’s Canary Wharf. He is also an ultra-endurance athlete who has participated in Ironman Triathlons and 100-mile, 24-hour ultra marathons.… Read more


Music 24/7 with C5 Series 2

      Joey Odro is a street dance and GrooveCycle instructor. Music is something she is immersed in constantly. It not only inspires her to work out harder and… Read more


Dancing into fitness with C5 Series 2

  Sarah-Jane Aboboto is the creator of GrooveCycle: The Dance-Cycle Session. A choreographer, dancer and creative director, her invention was to combine spin-style static bikes with upper-body dance moves. Dancing… Read more

Ewen Spencer. Photography: Paul Heartfield

Five wondrous Northern Soul tracks chosen by Ewen Spencer

We spotted a box of northern soul 7”s when we talked to style photographer Ewen Spencer as part of our #myzeppelin campaign. Here, he picks five of his favourites: Oscar… Read more


Bowers & Wilkins and London Symphony Orchestra

Bowers & Wilkins and the London Symphony Orchestra is a relationship built on a passion for great sound and performance. Bowers & Wilkins is extremely proud of its relationship with… Read more


800 Series Diamond – ten demo tracks

The new 800 Series Diamond was six years in development. As you can imagine, our engineers listened to a lot of music through all those iterations and developments. Andy Kerr,… Read more